Social responsibility

Aramco Korea wants to build a better future for Korea – not only with our services and expertise to promote Korean businesses economic outreach to our client in Saudi Aramco, but with our contribution to the community as well.

The world needs energy and its demand is increasing – it keeps everything moving. It gives us access to transport, water, food and healthcare – all the essentials of modern day society.

It is why we provided services that contributed in the establishment of the KAIST CO2 Center in an ongoing relationship with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Located at KAIST’s campus in Daejeon, South Korea, the research center is aiding development of new technologies that will convert CO2 emissions into useful products.

Today’s children are the future of Korea

Aramco Korea is a supporter for the campaign of Korea Broadcasting Station to provide the right medical treatment to children in need who are suffering from chronic diseases.

We have set up a donation to the Halym Burn Foundation for children suffering burns so patients from low income households could get better medical treatment.

On the education side, we are currently evaluating means to support disabled university students through collaboration with the Community Chest of Korea.

These are just some of the ways we are forming powerful new partnerships to benefit Korea’s future.