ABC delegates conclude an immersive journey to Asia covering China, Korea and Japan

On the industry front, the delegation had an excursion to Samsung Innovative Museum where they experienced Korea’s benchmarking company, Samsung Electronics’ modern, future and past technology as well as the growth path of Korean electronic industry.

The delegation kicked off their China tour upon their arrival in Beijing. Aramco Asia has organized reception for the participants to help them get a full pulse of Beijing’s world-class performing arts at the flagship of China performing arts house: the National Center for Performing Arts (NCPA) on 31st October.

The NCPA reception has brought together ABC delegates and Aramco Asia’s staff. The event turned out as a good and friendly platform to network, socialize and exchange varied views. The night was accentuated by attending live high-class theatrical performances.

The delegation, apart from attending informative seminars and learning sessions, traveled to Tianjin via bullet train to visit Tianjin Pipeline, a strategic supplier for Saudi Aramco, visited the Great Wall in Beijing, City Wall Park and Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, explored the history, culture and business environment in Shanghai and Xiamen, experienced the chemical business and visited FREP site and Aramco logoed gas station in Xiamen.

"We have explored the Asian ‘center of gravity’ that accommodates more than one fifth of the world's population. We have dived deeply into the Asian culture and explored the risks and opportunities surrounding potential growth for the company. And, we have developed an understanding that building strong partnerships in this tremendously important market will help the company achieve its ambitious strategic intent,” commented Abdulrahman Y. Thukair, member of ABC delegation after the trip.

From the in-country tour, participants gained firsthand understanding of Asian culture and the region’s way of doing business, importantly, how these business and culture impact their business practices and decisions with East Asian partners.