Public Affairs Specialist

Jobs at Aramco Korea

  • Job Title : Public Affairs Specialist
  • Location : AAK, Seoul, Korea
  • Organization : Aramco Asia Korea 
  • Department : Industrial Relations (PA)

Requirement / Qualifications

Academic/ Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, industrial management, public relations or communications/journalism, or related field with extensive professional experience in corporate communications and corporate brand management. Master’s degree preferred.
  • More than 7 years working experience in communications or public relations in Korean conglomerates, foreign-affiliated firms and/or media related organizations in Korea. Experience in energy industry is preferred.
  • Highly aware of Aramco, governmental, cultural sensitivities, and international business practices, and able to adapt to various work environments worldwide.
  • Display a broad understanding of the oil/gas industry and the external perceptions of Aramco Korea, Aramco Asia, and Saudi Aramco.
  • Knowledge about the oil industry in general. 
  • Adept at speaking knowledgeably and extemporaneously before large and small groups, as well as able to engage in one-to-one communication and conversion.
  • Sensitive to the information policies, with clear perception of how to handle confidential matters, have adequate background in cultures, traditions, and beliefs of stakeholders, as well as ability to impart authoritative information about the company.

Technical skills Required

  • Ability to identify and analyze public relations & communications issues, trends and objectives locally, regionally and globally and be capable of moving easily among these contexts.
  • Thorough knowledge of company policy and operations with clear perception and understanding of handling confidential matters.
  • Experience as writer, editor, or external affairs-related will be a plus. 
  • Adequate background in cultures and traditions.
  • Be personable and have a mature look and always displays a high degree of tact due to the role required to perform despite not an official company spokesperson.
  • Excellent project management and interpersonal skills preferred. 
  • Must be able to communicate, comprehend and write accurately, clearly, and concisely in English & Korean language at a level required to perform the job.
  • Proficiency in English and Korean language both written and verbal, and excellent verbal and business writing skills both in English and Korean language. 
  • Ability to logically organize and effectively influence internal and external stakeholders in written and verbal form. 
  • Ability of the script for a speech of the management in English for internal or external purpose. 
  • Highly proficient in written English and Korean language with good command of oral English, particularly as related to the requirements of journalism and terminology used in fields such as petroleum, engineering and geology.
  • Excellent software skill to develop presentations.
  • Basic software skills including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Adobe.   


  • Hands on working experience in public relation & communication strategy, CSR, brand management, corporate crisis communication and event management in Korean conglomerates, foreign-affiliated firms and/or media related organizations in Korea. Experience in energy industry is preferred.
  • Experience in government affairs or equivalent positions in international E&P, energy commerce, consultancy companies or SOEs.
  • Thorough knowledge of the customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world preferred.
  • Must be familiar with multinational working environment.


  • Be a good hand at open communication with others.
  • Adapt quickly to new circumstances such as company culture, organization, and relationship with colleagues.
  • Must always display a high degree of tact, be personable and have a mature outlook.
  • Pleasant and out-going personality with good problem-solving skills.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop, write, and edit corporate communication material such as speeches, presentations, press releases, brochures, advertising copy, to ensure compliance with corporate identity and policies.
  • Plan and manage public relations events, exhibits and projects requested by Department Head.
  • Conduct media monitoring locally for any items on policy/economy/industry of Korea and Aramco/JVs/affiliates directly or indirectly and report to management.
  • Stay up to date on trends in the media relations field and maintain subject index of clippings and articles.
  • Assist or lead the preparation of publicity for special events including press kit in English and Korean, when directed by Department Head. 
  • Serve as the company’s main point of contact for local media as required, contact key editors, collect their views, opinions, and attitude toward Aramco, and provide findings to Department Head.
  • Assist or lead visit plan by local media to Aramco by helping to make arrangements/preparation for interviews with designated Saudi Aramco executives or other representatives if required. 
  • Assist or lead management-sponsored conferences, company’s CSR activities and website maintenance.         
  • Assist or lead to implement the information aspects of crisis management or disaster control policies if required.
  • Assist or lead to perform special projects, long-range studies, and related activities, which are complex in nature.
  • Prepare press releases, photography and articles on company operations and projects for release to the media in both English and Korean language.
  • Draft speeches, develop feature articles and press releases for Aramco.
  • Communicate with Aramco Asia offices on the media plan and implement the public relations & communications strategy.
  • Go into the field to obtain information about Aramco operations frequently, generate ideas for stories to be distributed to the media and implement those proposals after approval by management.
  • Assist or facilitate media coverage of Aramco events such as Royal visits, executive visits, and official business meetings by proposing targeted groups of media representatives to Department Head and helping implement ideas once approval is received. 
  • Represent the company as required at conferences, seminars, and other professional gathering.
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed by Department Head.

Remarks: This position is a regular position, but all AAK regular positions are required to start with 1 year employment contract.  

How to apply

 If you believe you meet the requirements for this role, please contact us at with your CV in Korean and English stating your experience as well as current & expected salary.