With an unrivalled expertise in the energy service industry due to the support provided to Saudi Aramco, Aramco Korea has a clear mission for bright future in Korea. Together, we can turn energy into opportunity.

Over the last 80 years, our parent company in Saudi Arabia (Saudi Aramco) has grown to become the world’s largest integrated energy enterprise. Saudi Aramco has a vision to become one of the world’s leading integrated Energy and Chemicals Company.

Over the years, Saudi Aramco has maintained a base for longstanding commercial and industrial ties with Korean enterprises with business in Saudi Arabia. Aramco Asia Korea Limited(Aramco Korea) was established in April 2012 to serve and support these ties.

Start of the journey

Our expertise of Aramco Korea stems from our ability to support and serve a client with over the past 80-year heritage in the energy business. We have just made the start of our journey with our official inauguration in November, 2012 in Korea.

We are here to support Saudi Aramco’s desire of remaining strongly committed to high standards of safety, reliability and integrity in how we provide our services. Aramco Korea is also dedicated to provide the expertise and services from energized employees while engaging in supporting opportunities of local Korean vendors and manufactures interested in doing business in Saudi Arabia.

Aramco Korea believes that it is just an exciting time for the global and local energy industry. Please join this journey with us.