Our mission

Strengthening the relationship with Saudi Aramco customers through providing various support and services.

Aramco Korea is keen to provide services in order to support Saudi Aramco business ties with the Korean businesses engaged in commercial transactions in Saudi Arabia. 


A future built on partnerships

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between Saudi Aramco and its Korean customers by availing our expertise and services. Aramco Korea is also dedicated to search for opportunities with cutting-edge providers for Saudi Aramco.

  • Strengthen the relationship between Saudi Aramco and its Korean customers & partners
  • Search for new technologies, new business opportunities and provide support to SA organizations
  • Establish a strong existence of Saudi Aramco in South Korea
  • Capitalize on Korea’s manufacturing competitiveness to achieve Corporate’s Strategic Sourcing Objectives


Saudi Aramco

As the ultimate parent company of Aramco Korea, Saudi Aramco plays a critical role in supplying world oil markets. Today, its upstream business is a global leader, known to its customers as the world’s most reliable supplier.

By maximizing the value of its resources—both hydrocarbon resources and human resources—Saudi Aramco is creating groundbreaking opportunities for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.