Partnerships FAQs

Here you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about becoming a partner business.

Who do you define as a partner?

‘Partner’ is a potential or an existing investor within the local business community.


Are the partnerships with Aramco Korea or Saudi Aramco?

Aramco Asia Korea Limited (Aramco Korea) is a separate and independent legal affiliate of Saudi Aramco and it is incorporated in the Republic of Korea. Aramco Korea provides a wide range of support and services to Saudi Aramco in order to facilitate Saudi Aramco’s business and operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aramco Korea’s responsibilities involve coordinating with Korean companies, organizations and technical institutes which may include responding to inquiries regarding the nature of the business environment in Saudi Arabia in order to serve existing and potential partnership with Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


How can my organization get in touch with Aramco Korea?

Please contact our Business Origination & Technology: