Aramco Korea facilitates closer engagement with students with disabilities


Aramco Korea invited 40 university students with disabilities to the “Roads of Arabia: Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia” exhibition to admire the charm of splendid Arab and Islamic culture earlier this summer.

All of the invitees were scholarship winners of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) partnership jointly carried out by Aramco Asia-Korea and the Community Chest of Korea since 2014. It came under the framework of Saudi Aramco’s CSR strategy and Asia Pacific donation program 2017, and was considered a beacon of the company’s CSR endeavor.

Led by an official curator, students learned about history and culture that shaped the making of modern Saudi Arabia. They never ceased to be amazed by the scale and beauty of the exhibits. Particularly, the “Three Man Statues” had the curious students in awe with its sheer size. “I never imagined that ancient people were capable of making something on such a scale,” said one student. “These exhibits changed my perspective on Saudi Arabia.”

Inaugurated in the National Museum of Korea, Seoul on May 8, the flagship cultural event was a joint initiative by Saudi Aramco’s King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.

The tour was followed by a tea meeting and casual dinner, during which the students had a chance to exchange feedback on the scholarship program.

“Due to the challenging circumstances that we were facing, it was almost impossible to keep our academics without Aramco’s support. I finally acquired a bachelor’s degree in bio-medical science, and I’m continuing my master’s degree in clinical science,” said Sun-young Park, a 25-year-old attendee with a hearing impairment.

“My goal is to become a stem cell researcher and help out people who have a disability like me.” Jun-mo Park, a third-year mathematics major suffering from Asperger disorder, said, “I’m considering applying for an IT specialist position at a multinational company. I’m planning to register my CV at Saudi Aramco’s global recruitment website and hope for the best.”

The Aramco Scholarship Program was launched to provide financial support to science and engineering majors who suffered from disabilities, encouraging them to complete their studies. So far 86 university students have benefited from the program.

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