Sungkyunkwan University Team wins the Korean part of the Asia-wide Aramco-Enactus Innovative Challenge

The in-country competition for the “Aramco-Enactus Innovative Challenge” takes place at the Hey-Ground building in Seoul, where Enatus Korea located.

Aramco Korea and Enactus Korea held a competition on September 20, in Seoul, to select the winning Korean team, as part of the Asia-wide sustainable innovation project competition, launched ten months ago.

The project, “Aramco-Enactus Innovative Challenge,” is a joint Aramco-Enactus CSR initiative that focuses on improving communities through social innovation projects, by undergraduate students in Asia. It is designed to help university students in five Asian countries: China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and the Philippines, develop innovative solutions to address issues in their communities related to climate change, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency.

“It is our pleasure to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to come up with solutions to help their communities, and reaffirms our commitment to Asia. We will expand our efforts to protect the environment for future generations, and exert a positive influence on a global scale,” said AAK Representative Director Fahad Sahali.

Each team presented their innovative projects, and judges selected the winners according to the criteria of solution, sustainability, and social impact. The winner came from Sungkyunkwan University for “Development of sea urchin paste to prevent sea desertification,” and second place was won by Kangwon National University for “Reusable paper note.”

Winners from the local competitions in each country will advance to the “Aramco Asia Cup” finals to be held in Beijing, China, on November 5, 2017. The most innovative project to have a social impact will be named the Aramco Asia Cup Champion.

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