Creating value

Marketing Services Coordination

Our expertise helps strengthen relationships between Saudi Aramco and its customers in Korea.

The relationship between Saudi Aramco and Korea dates back to the 1960s, following Korea’s rapid economic and industrial expansion. Saudi Aramco maintains its firm position as the single largest supplier of crude oil to Korea, accounting for nearly 30% of Korea’s total crude oil imports. Saudi Aramco’s current sales volume to Korea exceeds 800,000 barrels per day, which includes sales to Saudi Aramco’s joint venture partner, S-Oil.

Our primary role is to bolster Saudi Aramco’s substantial long-term commitments to Korea’s crude oil, gas, refined products and petrochemicals market. Marketing Services Coordination covers the following activities:

  • Marketing support services
  • Market intelligence and analysis
  • Customer relations

Our proactive and professional support services reaffirm Saudi Aramco’s position as a reliable supplier of crude oil, LPG, refined products, petrochemical products and LNG to the Korean market.

Joint Ventures Coordination

We are in charge of overseeing and coordinating the business of Saudi Aramco’s joint ventures in Asia including those in Korea, China and Japan. We support the operation of the joint ventures in Asia to maximize the interests of not only our shareholders but also of the joint ventures. Cooperation between Asia joint ventures and Saudi Aramco has been further enhanced as a result of our efforts:

  • Shareholder representative

    Monitor and evaluate the financial and operational performance of Saudi Aramco’s joint ventures in Asia
  •  Advisory services

    Provide consultation on agenda items
  • Strategic alignment and synergy creation

     Develop, execute, and support synergy creation opportunities between Saudi Aramco and its joint ventures in key areas of collaboration 

Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management

We aim to enhance the Saudi Aramco supply chain by capitalizing on Korea's EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), construction and manufacturing competitiveness to achieve Saudi Aramco's strategic sourcing objectives. Support for companies who can bring advanced technologies to Saudi Aramco is also provided. We promote investment in Saudi Arabia and the iktva program. More importantly, Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management explores and expands mutually beneficial business collaboration opportunities between Saudi Aramco and Korean partners.

  • Source high-quality products and services from suppliers including material vendors, manufacturers, and service providers
  • Identify and register suppliers to enhance the Saudi Aramco’s supply chain
  • Support the iktva program in line with Saudi Vision 2030
  • Promote investment in Saudi Arabia
  • Manage supplier relationships

Quality Management

Quality Management is so much more than mere testing. We work to ensure that quality is being implemented effectively throughout the whole commodity procurement life cycle. To support Saudi Aramco’s corporate strategy, we are chartered to:

  • Ensure all materials procured for capital projects and operating facilities are in full compliance with Saudi Aramco’s standards and specifications
  • Utilize our engineers to follow thorough with compliance procedures and to develop an industry leading quality culture among Saudi Aramco’s approved suppliers and contracted engineering firms
  • Perform intensive vendor assessments to ensure the full implementation of ISO 9001 requirements for material suppliers
  • Maintain top quality practices to ensure the best results across all Saudi Aramco inspections
  • Identify new proven inspection technologies and introduce the technologies to wider business areas within Saudi Aramco
  • Conduct focus assessments for contractor purchase orders and support Saudi Aramco’s inspections
  • Develop quality process improvement studies

Engineering Services

In collaboration with workforces in other Asian engineering offices, we provide high value technical support to Saudi Aramco and explore new potential suppliers or partners in the Asia region including Australia and New Zealand.


The main activities of Engineering Services are to;

  • Perform technical assessments of newly identified manufacturers in Asia
  • Leverage disruptive technologies and explore non-metallic business opportunities and digital transformations that will benefit and optimize Saudi Aramco’s operations and its facilities maintenance
  • Provide high value engineering studies to Saudi Aramco
  • Provide engineering support to capital programs and joint venture projects