Accelerating human potential

People and community

Supporting the communities where we operate is fundamental to our success and part of our commitment as a sustainable business. Wherever we work, we strive to link our support to the needs and priorities of local communities with our strategic objectives and competencies.

Aramco Coding School

Learning computer science is becoming increasingly essential, as computers are going to be even more interwoven into the fabric of our future lives. We believe Aramco Coding School program will empower the students in our communities to grow as future leaders to create the world of tomorrow.

The in-depth experience-based curriculum for the program is designed not only to show how coding was used as a means of programming computers, but also incorporating topics such as climate change and environmental protection. This gives students the opportunity to build on capabilities that will eventually have a positive influence on their daily lives and even the global community.

At Aramco we consider strong corporate citizenship as an integral part of our role. With that philosophy in mind, we continuously strive to make the coding education program more accessible to the less privileged students in our communities.

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Aramco Scholarship

We recognize that education underlies economic and societal progress, and therefore, we concentrate on supporting university students with disabilities who are majoring in science, engineering, and technology to attain their full potential with Aramco Scholarships.


Solar Playground

We have a firm belief that play is the best educational tool for children as they learn best through play.

We provide assistance during the design and construction work for Solar Playground, a renewable energy-themed playground, at the Seoul Energy Dream Center, a museum and educational complex. At Solar Playground, children naturally learn the importance of energy conservation and the benefits of renewable energy through play.