Where we're going

Our presence in Korea

We are explorers at heart with a clear mission to facilitate sustainable and mutual growth for Saudi Aramco and its Korean partners. To achieve the mission in Korea, one of the fastest growing regions of Asia, we are working towards excellence, applying our expertise, seizing new opportunities and promoting corporate responsibility.


As a communicator bridging the relationship between Saudi Aramco and stakeholders in Korea, we provide quality services for our partners, customers, industry professionals, and suppliers with long-term commitment to enriching and growing the relationship with all of them.

where we're going

We identify and enhance partnerships in areas including eco-friendly energy technology, downstream, non-metallic, renewable energy and ventures for investment. All of our efforts and services are tailored towards achieving mutual success for Saudi Aramco and its partners in Korea.

We are ready to explore exciting new opportunities with our partners.

We strive to

  • Strengthen the relationship between Saudi Aramco and its Korean partners and customers
  • Search for new technologies, new business opportunities and provide support to SA organizations
  • Establish a strong existence for Saudi Aramco in Korea
  • Capitalize on Korea’s EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), construction and manufacturing competitiveness to achieve Saudi Aramco’s strategic sourcing objectives