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Our team

Our presence in Korea

Our team of professionals at Aramco Korea is composed of explorers with a clear mission for facilitating sustainable and mutual growth for Saudi Aramco and its Korean partners. To achieve that mission, our team is working towards excellence, applying our expertise, seizing new opportunities and promoting corporate responsibility.


Marketing Services Coordination

Marketing Services Coordination supports Saudi Aramco's interactions with crude oil, LPG, LNG, refined products and petrochemical products business partners in Korea.

Business Origination & Technology

Business Origination & Technology explores new business opportunities and strategic partnerships between Saudi Aramco and its Korean partners.

Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management

Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management manages the relationship with suppliers in Korea including manufacturers, vendors, and contractors such as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and construction companies. For supplier registration, Aramco Korea's Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management has the responsibility of managing Korean suppliers. Korean companies seeking to do business with Saudi Aramco must communicate with Aramco Korea's Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management, the appropriate Saudi Aramco affiliated company located in their geographical area of responsibility.

Supporting iktva (The in-Kingdom Total Value Add) Program in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and Saudi Aramco's diverse ongoing and future businesses especially with major Korean conglomerates are also among our key missions.

Quality Management

By sourcing the right people, technologies and materials, Quality Management enables the efficient completion of highly complex and ambitious gas and oil programs, both upstream and downstream. That, together with our integrated quality management procedures, ensures the projects we complete are world class.

Our team plays a major role in ensuring our processes and the final product meet the expectations and demands of our customers. We support Saudi Aramco corporate strategy by promoting a culture of quality and value creation; attract, grow and retain quality professionals; improve and maintain the provision of cost-effective quality management services including risk management, lead inspection, engineering technology identification, and benchmarking innovation in the Asian region.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services endeavors to identify and transfer the latest technologies to Saudi Aramco, and establish collaboration with Asian technology providers having cutting-edge technologies and disruptive solutions to address corporate technical challenges, improve the reliability and longevity of assets and provide increased economic benefits.

We team up with Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management to qualify new manufacturers in Asia meeting the mandatory requirements of Saudi Aramco's engineering standards. We also plan to expand the scope of our involvement with Saudi Aramco's projects and its joint ventures to provide technical services.

Joint Ventures Coordination

We coordinate and support the business activities of Saudi Aramco with its joint ventures for its shareholders including performance analysis and assessment, advisory services and consultations on investments, technical support, talent development and through exchanges of best practices.

Industrial Relations

We believe our long-term success lies at the heart of our mutually beneficial relationship with our stakeholders in Korea. To build a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with a wide range of stakeholders as the face and voice of Aramco Korea, we actively engage with our stakeholders to better understand society's expectations of us.

Industrial Relations works to enhance Saudi Aramco's global standing as a global integrated energy and chemicals company and a reliable energy provider to Korea via diverse communication platforms.

As we believe in the power of energy to transform and lift communities, advance human progress and sustain our planet, Industrial Relations plans and implements optimal and tailored citizenship programs to ensure our status as a good corporate citizen making a difference in communities where we operate.


Finance supports Aramco Korea's growing business through accounting and tax filings as well as treasury services and intercompany transactions. We are also responsible for financial reporting, planning and controlling to help management make better decisions on operations in compliance with company policies.