Making a difference

Our planet, Our business

Providing the energy and chemical products the world relies on is our business. So is protecting and preserving our natural environment for future generations. As our business operations expand, so do the initiatives we undertake to ensure we leave an enduring legacy of protecting the planet we all inhabit.


Addressing the climate challenge

For some, the idea of an oil and gas company positively contributing to the climate challenge is a contradiction. We don't think so.

Our contributions to the climate challenge are tangible expressions of our ethos, supported by company policies, to conduct our business in a way that addresses the climate challenge.

Climate Scout

We believe raising the next generations' awareness of the impacts that climate change is having on the planet is crucial to maintaining our quality of life and to our success. Aramco Korea supports the youth climate leadership program, 'Climate Scout'. As climate change is a complex concept and not necessarily a daily concern, we must learn about how it will actually impact life on the planet.

To help our children better understand the impact of climate change, the Climate Scout program is designed to provide a unique learning experience for youth; volunteering university students who take special lectures and engage in round table discussion sessions related to climate change will deliver what they have learned in a way that caters to elementary school students.