Health and safety

Sustainable business operations

The foundation of a sustainable company is safe and healthy employees.

Mitigating health and safety risks, both on and off the job, is our top priority. We actively promote a culture that values employee health and well-being and we enforce strict safety protocols in all of our facilities and workplaces. Supplying the world with the energy and chemicals products it needs is important work. But taking care of the health and safety of our people is the most important work of all.


Our success is underpinned by our commitment to protecting our people and the contractors and suppliers who support our operations. An ethos of safe working underlies and sustains the performance of our entire workforce — in Saudi Arabia and around the globe. Safety is one of our five core values and we strive to embed a safety first mindset in our employees and their families, and among our material and services supply contractors.

Our leadership actively integrates safety into our business strategies, processes, and performance measures to build a strong safety culture. Integrated with our company-wide rollout of an operational excellence framework is a safety management system that empowers organizations to identify and mitigate risks to improve safety performance. This top-down/bottom-up approach to mitigating safety risks creates a work culture that places a premium on ensuring employees have the training, equipment, and protocols they need to complete tasks safely.

Across our organization, we live safety all day, every day, in our facilities and in our homes, on and off the job. Fundamentally, we aspire to be safety leaders in the Kingdom and in the industry, ensuring that safety is not just a standard, but an integral part of our business culture.

We benchmark our safety performance against industry standards and performance targets. Safety performance is measured and tracked through a set of KPIs established by the HSSE Committee and reported to the Board Risk and HSECommittee. We administer an effective program for conducting safety reviews and maintains an annual calendar for site visits by top management and deep dives into key process safety components.

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When it comes to safety, we look beyond just our own operations. We want to make people's lives safer not only at work but also in communities across the Kingdom.

When it comes to safety, we look beyond just our own operations. We want to make people's lives safer not only at work but also in communities across the Kingdom.


Our company is only as healthy as our workforce. So we promote an enterprise-wide focus on health and safety practices among our employees, on and off the job.

We have earned a reputation for diligently supporting and enhancing the health of our people. Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), our partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, is the cornerstone of our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our employees and their families. JHAH brings together our long-established health care delivery system and the world-renowned clinical, education, and research expertise of Johns Hopkins Medicine. JHAH delivers clinical innovation and serves as a model of health care in the Kingdom.

Throughout the year, we conduct numerous campaigns and events across our company and in our local communities to promote healthy lifestyle choices and raise awareness of critical health issues. From disease prevention to smoking cessation, we ensure our people are armed with the knowledge and health services they need to be fully engaged in the best work of their lives.