How does an idea change the world?

If you’re anything like us, you know the idea is just the start. Our infrastructure allows for exciting new possibilities – and it’s capable enough to turn Korea's best ideas into reality.


We provide energy expertise, infrastructure and support to Korean businesses — creating the right conditions for your vision to grow.



Invent the future

We're actively seeking new partners to work with - and capitalise on the immense promise of Korean ambition.

Working with us


Energy Consumer

What we source

We work with current and potential suppliers to help source a wide variety of products as part of our supply chain management program.

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Annual Review 2017

Saudi Aramco, the world's leading integrated energy and chemicals company, highlights strategic achievements that reinforce the company’s role as the number one producer of crude oil and condensate, adding value by integrating refining and chemicals production, and expanding cleaner natural gas supply to meet domestic demand.

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Who are we

Who we are

We are Aramco Korea – enabling energy opportunities in one of the world’s most important economies.

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Aramco Korea is looking for new opportunities and potential partnerships with the Korean business community across a variety of industries.

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Aramco Korea is providing a wide range of supporting services for the benefit of both Saudi Aramco and its Korean customers.

Social responsibility

Aramco Korea is investing in the future of the energy market service industry. This is why we help fund initiatives to lower environmental footprint and devote our special and initiatives to help local communities as a responsible corporate citizen.

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Joint Ventures Coordination

Provide joint ventures coordination support activities for shareholders which may include performance analysis, review and assessment in addition to certain advisory and consultation on investments, technical support and talent development exchange and best practices.

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Our mission

Saudi Aramco aims to be one of the world’s leading integrated Energy and Chemicals Company.

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CSR with CCK

Marketing Services Coordination

Our experts help strengthen the relationship between Saudi Aramco and its customers in Korea.

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