Saudi Aramco honors top local vendors at 2018 Quality Forum

Local manufacturers receiving their awards

Saudi Aramco today honored four local Saudi vendors for delivering quality goods during a ceremony held in conjunction with the 2018 Saudi Aramco Quality Forum, organized under the theme “Toward Quality Excellence.”

The event, seeks to transform local manufacturers' quality performance to be globally competitive, by fostering a quality-focused culture within the local industry. It also helps foster healthy competition between local manufacturers and to increase Saudization within the manufacturing quality workforce.

Saudi Aramco Acting Executive Head for Engineering Services Motaz Al Mashouk, said: “For decades, our local business partners successfully served our need to supply substantial amount of materials and equipment that meet our specifications and demanding quality standards. These services helped us at Saudi Aramco to sustain one of the most reliable oil and gas facilities in the world and protect our valuable supply chain.”

Saudi Aramco Acting Chief Engineer Jamil Al-Bagawi said: “The 2018 Saudi Aramco Quality Forum and the quality excellence prizes awarded today to local vendors represent Saudi Aramco's commitment towards quality, safety and excellence, as well as the development of a globally competitive local manufacturing industries. By stirring a healthy competition in the local manufacturing market, Saudi Aramco is enabling a quality-focused culture within the local industry in pursuit of quality excellence.

The “Local Manufacturers Quality Excellence Award” honor highest quality performing local manufacturers supplying products to Saudi Aramco. The awarded companies include:

  • ArcelorMittal Tubular Products
  • Industrial Valves Manufacturer
  • Future Pipe Industries
  • Arabian International Company for Steel Structures 

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