Climate Scouts: Raising Climate Change Literacy for Youth

Aramco Korea's Representative Director Mr. Fahad A. Al-Sahali (third from left) poses with Dr. Kim, Sang-hyup (second from left), Chairman of Coalition for Our Common Future at the donation delivery ceremony held in Seoul.

Aramco Asia Korea Ltd. (Aramco Korea) today presented a donation to the Coalition for Our Common Future (COCF) for its Climate Scouts program, which is designed to raise the young generation's awareness on climate change as part of its corporate citizenship initiative.

Through the Climate Scouts program, COCF, a nonprofit organization dedicated to policy research and knowledge sharing, will select 100 university students as youth mentors, and hold a workshop on climate change where environmental experts will present their insights on the issue. Based on the knowledge shared, the students will offer a mentorship program to 300 elementary students in remote areas, in an effort to elevate the children's awareness on climate change.

At the donation ceremony held at the Seoul headquarters of COCF, Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Aramco Korea's representative director, remarked, “Aramco is committed to making meaningful contributions to addressing climate change. We believe that education is an essential element of our response to the issue. We hope this unique mentorship program will help increase “climate change literacy” among young people, encourage changes in their attitudes and behaviors, and help them better understand the impact of climate change.”

Sanghyup Kim, chairman of COCF, said, “We are sure the Climate Scouts program will provide children with valuable opportunities to learn the impact of climate change and the importance of environmental protection. The young generation will also be given chances to think about their own ways of addressing the issue, with tips and ideas from the mentorship program.”

As an integrated energy company, Aramco is committed to protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by focusing its research, development, and funding on high impact technologies that reduce cost and create significant environmental advantages. Our CO2 Management Collaboration at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, is dedicated to addressing issues related to carbon management.

Founded in 2012, Aramco Korea provides a wide range of environmental awareness citizenship programs for the young generation, including fine dust precaution programs and environmentally friendly energy facilities.


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