Aramco Korea celebrates its 200th scholarship for students with disabilities

Yeongho Kim (left) from Hanyang University received the certificate from a CCK representative (right) as the 200th Aramco Scholarship recipient. He wore a lip-view mask for the benefit of hearing-impaired students at the ceremony.

Aramco Korea, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aramco, has recently awarded its 200th scholarship as part of its six-year long program “Aramco Scholarships”, a merit-based university scholarship program launched in 2015 to support high achieving students with disabilities.

In partnership with Community Chest of Korea (CCK), Aramco Korea has been offering the scholarships in an effort to ensure equal opportunities for quality education for undergraduate students with disabilities who major in science, engineering, and technology.

At the latest scholarship award ceremony, held in Yeoui-do, Seoul in late 2020, Yeongho Kim, an electrical engineering student from Hanyang University and the recipient of the 200th Aramco Scholarship, expressed his appreciation for the award, which, he said, helped him complete his undergraduate studies with an excellent academic record. A total of 200 students from 43 major universities, including Yonsei University and Hanyang University, have benefited from the scholarship program over the past six years.

Mr. Mutib A. Al-Harbi, Representative Director of Aramco Korea remarked, “We have a firm belief that students are the present and the future of a nation and that their level of education is fundamental to a country's development and growth. We hope Aramco Scholarships have played a key role in ensuring that quality education is within reach for students with disabilities so they are able to achieve their dreams by attaining their full academic potential.”

CCK Chairman Dr. Jong-suk Ye said, “We are proud that Aramco Scholarships have made a meaningful difference to university students with disabilities for the last six years. Aramco's contribution has served as a steppingstone for the students to unlock their potential and to achieve their academic success.”

Since its establishment in 2012, Aramco Korea has actively contributed to the acceleration of human potential in local communities with impactful education programs, including computer coding classes to nurture technical leaders of the future and climate change literacy programs to raise the younger generation's awareness of climate change.

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