Aramco lights Korean communities with solar-powered ‘hope tree’

Aramco Hope Tree at Jangsu Community Park in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

Aramco Asia Korea Ltd. (Aramco Korea), a wholly owned subsidiary of Aramco, is supporting the development of sustainable communities with the “Aramco Hope Tree” project, which aims to install solar-powered multifunctional streetlights in a number of communities around Seoul.

The Aramco Hope Tree is a tree-shaped streetlight with solar panels, offering shade in the day and light at night. It also includes benches and electric plugs where people can charge their phones while resting. From June 2019 to December 2020, Aramco Korea supported the Korea Energy Foundation to complete the installation of five Aramco Hope Tree units, capable of generating close to 5,000 kilowatts per year, at parks and gymnasiums in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do and Incheon.

Mr. Kim Jung-woo, a frequent visitor for walks at the Jangsu Community Park in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, said that he thought it would be better to have more lighting at night at the park. With the installed Hope Tree, he was pleased to enjoy outdoor activities more conveniently at night, and he found the light tree handy as he could charge his phone while waiting for buses.

Mutib A. Al-Harbi, Representative Director of Aramco Korea remarked, “With its smart and clean concept design, the carbon-free streetlights reduce darkness during nights and enable community members to safely spend more time outdoors on physical activities. This ultimately contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life and sustainability of local communities, benefitting both the planet and its people”.

Youngsun Choi, Secretary General of the Korea Energy Foundation said, “We have been making our utmost efforts to diversify and expand ways to promote energy welfare for local communities. The Aramco Hope Tree project is definitely a prime example of our ongoing endeavors. We hope that COVID-19 will soon come to an end so that local residents can sit and relax under the Aramco Hope Trees.”

Established in 2012, Aramco Korea has made a broad range of environmentally friendly community outreach efforts, including support for building a renewable energy themed outdoor playground and for installing solar power generation systems for community welfare facilities.

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