Aramco Korea extends school zone traffic safety program for a second year

(From left) Seong-ju Park Chief of Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency, Ok-hee Noh, Superintendent of the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education, Doo-gyum Kim, Ulsan Mayor, Mutib A. Al-Harbi, Representative Director of Aramco Korea and Jae-chul Moon, Chairman of UMCSW pictured at ‘Safer Routes to School’ partnership agreement ceremony at Ulsan City Hall.

Aramco Korea, a fully-owned subsidiary of Aramco, has extended a partnership agreement to enhance traffic safety near school zones in Ulsan.

The “Safer Routes to School” is a citizenship project that has been supported by Aramco Korea since 2021 in partnership with Ulsan Metropolitan City, the Ulsan Metropolitan Council on Social Welfare (UMCSW), Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education, and Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency.

Administered by UMCSW, a charitable organization in Ulsan, the program aims to make streets safer for school students. Besides educational programs designed to raise students' awareness of road safety during their commute to school, the program includes the installation of speed limit signs and the painting of sidewalks, alerting drivers to the presence of young children near schools. In 2021, about 5,000 students from 50 schools benefitted from the Safer Routes to School program, and this year it aims to reach another 5,500 students.

The partnership extension was announced during a ceremony held at Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall and was attended by Mutib A. Al-Harbi, Representative Director of Aramco Korea; Doo-gyum Kim, Ulsan Mayor; Jae-chul Moon, Chairman of UMCSW; Ok-hee Noh, Superintendent of the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education; and Seong-ju Park Chief of Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency.

Mutib A. Al-Harbi, Aramco Korea's Representative Director, said: “We are proud to continue to support this program to enhance traffic safety around schools and help children pursue their educational aspirations in a safe manner. We are also glad to see other companies following suit and supporting such causes, and we thank our partners for enabling such opportunities that benefit everyone.”

Doo-gyum Kim, Ulsan Mayor, said: “We appreciate Aramco Korea's continued support for the program for a second year. Ulsan Metropolitan City will spare no efforts to create a safe environment where our students, the future of Ulsan, will commute to school safely.”

Jae-chul Moon, Chairman of UMCSW, added: “Such programs are important to raise the safety awareness of drivers and students and to lower the rate of traffic accidents. We appreciate Aramco's continued support and will make continued and concerted efforts to build safer routes to school in Ulsan.”

Aramco, the majority shareholder of S-OIL and the second largest shareholder of Hyundai Oilbank, has been active in developing and advancing mutually beneficial businesses and technology partnerships with major Korean companies and research institutes.

The company has also been a committed supporter of local communities in Korea, implementing a broad range of citizenship programs. These include COVID-19 relief aid and merit-based scholarships for university students with disabilities. Aramco Korea has also backed efforts to protect children from fine dust, supporting the planting of young trees in a local school ambient and providing face masks and hand sanitizers. In Ulsan, where S-OIL's facilities are located, the company has been running Aramco Coding School, a charitable program that teaches computer programming to elementary and middle school students since 2020.

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