How can lower-carbon fuels compete in the world’s toughest motor race?

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Hydrogen-fueled vehicles have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions. This fact is particularly significant for modes of transport that are hard to decarbonize, such as heavy-duty trucks. To test the true capability of hydrogen powertrains, Aramco partnered with Gaussin to sponsor the first 100% hydrogen-fueled truck to complete the brutal Dakar Rally.

The hydrogen-fueled truck in action at the 2022 Dakar Rally.

A new milestone for motorsports

The Dakar Rally is the ultimate off-road endurance event. Nearly 5000 miles of gruelling off-road desert racing that push vehicles to the absolute limits of performance and reliability. And until now, no 100% hydrogen-fueled vehicle had ever attempted this challenge. 

That all changed in January 2022 when Aramco partnered with leading French engineering company Gaussin, to sponsor a class 8 hydrogen racing truck in the Dakar Rally. 

Gaussin has a long and proud history of building innovative products and services for the transport and logistics sector. These include cargo and passenger transport, autonomous driving technologies, and most recently, integrating hydrogen fuel cells into vehicles. 

Hydrogen as a fuel of the future

The hydrogen-fueled truck is just one demonstration of how hydrogen could have a key role to play as the world transitions to a low-carbon and more sustainable energy mix. To this end, we are also working on other pioneering technologies, such as blue hydrogen, which has the potential to address global energy needs while helping reduce CO2 emissions — all in a reliable and affordable manner. 

The first hydrogen fueling station in Saudi Arabia.

LAB7 - creating limitless possibilities for innovation.

This is just the beginning

Our Advanced Innovation Centre (LAB7) is working on a number of cutting-edge initiatives, including improving the technology of hydrogen-fueled vehicles. We are also assessing the potential to establish a modern manufacturing facility for hydrogen-fueled vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our expertise and resources offer incredible potential to unlock further opportunities and may significantly advance hydrogen as a viable large-scale, low-carbon energy solution.