Life at Aramco Korea


In our industry, the next big idea can shape the future. We equip our people with the skills that can take us there.

Every day, our multinational team combines passion, purpose, and performance to achieve a common objective: creating more value for our company and more opportunities for people here at Aramco Korea.

Explore our diverse global culture and talented people in a world-class environment here at Aramco Korea.

Julie Kim, Executive Service Coordinator, Public Affairs

“Proud to be part of Public Affairs team, bridging Saudi Aramco and Korean stakeholders”

Julie handles corporate branding and digital communications channels, and performs a high-level of executive services for management.

Working at an affiliate of a global company like Saudi Aramco offers me with priceless opportunities to learn cross-cultural communication skills, helping me enhance my understanding of diverse global business culture. A great work-life balance is another characteristic that I find encouraging working here at Aramco Korea.

Managing a high level of quality services for visiting executives from Saudi Aramco to Korea is one of my jobs as an executive service coordinator. Also as a member of Public Affairs team, Promoting Saudi Aramco's corporate image as a reliable energy supplier and responsible corporate citizen in Korea are one of my main roles that I am dedicated to. I am proud to be part of my team, bridging Saudi Aramco and Korean stakeholders.

BO&T - Eunyou
Eunyou Park, Senior BO&T Coordinator, Business Origination and Technology

“Thrilled at the forefront of exploring mutually beneficial business opportunities for Saudi Aramco and Korean partners”

Eunyou explores and develops new business opportunities with potential Korean business partners across a variety of industries.

I am well aware that becoming an expert at developing business opportunities takes just more than my PhD in chemical engineering. That is why I continue to carve out significant time for absorbing new information on technology, business trends and social changes to become a lifelong constant learner.

Our capable team members are committed to identifying and developing new business opportunities on various sectors beyond chemicals. I am thrilled at the forefront of exploring mutually beneficial business opportunities for Saudi Aramco and Korean partners.