Aramco Korea supports fun-filling energy educational program

Aramco Korea’s Representative Director Fahad A. Al-Sahali (center) poses for a photo with Seoul’s Director General Lee, Hae-woo (right), and Seoul Council on Social Welfare’s Chairman Jung, Yeon-bo (left), at the donation ceremony held in central Seoul.
  • A three-party agreement is signed to install and operate an energy experience facility
  • Aramco Korea provides support to the setup of the facility
  • The facility will provide firsthand energy-related experience to local children

Aramco Korea entered into an agreement today with Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Council on Social Welfare to support the installation and operation of an energy experience facility at Seoul Energy Dream Center.

The program is one of the major elements of Aramco's 2018 out-of-Kingdom donation program that supports the welfare and prosperity of local community.

The facility, to be built as a playground, will provide local children with fun-filling educational programs for the better understanding of energy-related subjects.

The installation of this energy experience facility started with a proposal from Aramco Korea. Aramco Korea donated the entire amount of the fund for the basic design of its energy experience facilities last year and has continued its donation this year for the purpose of actual installation.

Aramco Korea Representative Director Fahad Al-Sahali noted, “It is a great pleasure for us to be a partner of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's renewable energy and education related initiative. We hope that our participation help in enhancing the public awareness on energy, particularly among the young generations.”

Lee, HaeWoo, director general for Air Quality of Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to Aramco Korea for its continuous contribution in the construction of the Energy Playground at Seoul Energy Dream Center. We will do our utmost to support the Energy playground for Seoul citizens.”

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