Seoul Energy Dream Center Opens Solar Playground to the Public with the Support of Aramco Korea

Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Representative Director of Aramco Korea, delivers a congratulatory speech at the Solar Playground Opening Ceremony at the Seoul Energy Dream Center.

Seoul Energy Dream Center (SEDC), Korea's first energy self-sufficient public building, opened its Solar Playground to the public, with the First Phase Completion Ceremony on October 11.

The inauguration was attended by Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Representative Director of Aramco Korea; Kyung-suk Youk, Director of SEDC; Se-don Choo, Executive Vice President of Steel Solution Marketing Office of POSCO; representatives from government organizations including Ki-duk Kim, member of Seoul Metropolitan Council; and 100 plus participants.

The Solar Playground is a facility where children will naturally learn the importance of energy conservation and the benefit of renewable energy through play. The playground is built with the theme of “where energy becomes play, play becomes energy.”

Aramco Korea provided full support to the Solar Playground masterplan in 2017, and the first phase of construction in 2018. POSCO, a world leading integrated steel mill, also unveiled Solar Pine, a sculpture — inspired by the spatial efficiency of pine cones — that provides a unique rest area that incorporates solar panels. Solar Pine was donated to SEDC at the ceremony.

SEDC is a landmark renewable energy educational facility in Korea, and the playground will be completed by 2020. This playground will continue to play a role in raising awareness of the importance of energy conservation, and to enhance Aramco's corporate image as a responsible corporate citizen.

At the ceremony, Mr. Sahali remarked, “It has been a great pleasure for us to be a partner of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's renewable energy and education related initiative along the way. We, Aramco, hope that our participation can be a catalyst in raising awareness of energy conservation and renewable energy, especially with the young generation.”

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