Aramco Korea Presents a Donation for Solar Power Generation Systems to MIRAL Welfare Foundation

Aramco Korea’s Representative Director Fahad A. Al-Sahali (right) poses for a photo with MIRAL Welfare Foundation’s Representative Director Chung, Hyung-suk (left), and Community Chest of Korea’s Secretary General Kim, Youn-sun (center), at the donation ceremony held in MIRAL’s headquarter in Seoul.

Aramco Asia Korea Ltd. (hereinafter Aramco Korea), a fully owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, today, as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), extended helping hands to local social welfare facilities, by presenting a donation for the installation of solar power generation systems for the Modesty, Integrity, Respect, Advocacy and Love (MIRAL) Welfare Foundation, a Korean charity organization, accredited by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

MIRAL will receive applications for the installation of solar power generation systems from philanthropic institutions across the country by May, and will complete the system installation at selected MIRAL centers by the end of June this year.

At the donation delivery ceremony at the headquarters of MIRAL in Seoul, Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Representative Director of Aramco Korea said, “We hope that Aramco Korea's CSR partnership with MIRAL will provide the flexibility to expand their programs, and ease any financial burden. We also look forward to seeing how these solar power facilities will help cultivate our children's interest in energy, and elevate their awareness of the importance of energy conservation.”

Upon completion of the solar power generation systems at their centers, MIRAL will run — over a number of months — structured educational programs for children at childcare centers, daycare centers, and kindergartens in the local communities, to elevate their awareness of the importance of energy resources and conservation.

Hyung-suk Chung, Representative Director of MIRAL noted, “High electricity bills have been the norm for ordinary welfare centers, due to a number of energy-consuming daily welfare programs. We believe the solar power generation systems, to be financed by Aramco Korea, will help lighten their energy bills. Moreover, we seek to harness the power generation systems as educational tools to teach our children about the importance of energy.”

Aramco Korea has been committed to a wide range of CSR activities, including scholarship donations for talented university students with disabilities, and support for designing and constructing a renewable energy themed playground, in a bid to help the underprivileged in local communities.

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