Aramco supports program to nurture technical leaders of the future

Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Aramco Korea’s Representative Director (right) and Neung-in Jang, MIDAM’s Standing Director signed a partnership agreement for “Save Earth Coding School” citizenship program at KAIST College of Business.

Aramco Asia Korea Ltd. (Aramco Korea), a fully-owned subsidiary of Aramco, announces a partnership with MIDAM Scholarship Foundation (MIDAM) to launch “Save Earth Coding School”, a year-long computer programing class designed to teach coding to lower-income elementary and middle school students.

The partnership was launched in a ceremony at the Seoul campus of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), attended by Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Representative Director of Aramco Korea; Neung-in Jang, Standing Director of MIDAM; and Dae-joon Joo, former Vice President of KAIST and Advisor to MIDAM.MIDAM, a philanthropic organization renowned for providing well-structured STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives for local communities, will run the year-long program in an effort to bridge the educational gap in computer science among elementary and middle school students in the Seoul and Daejeon regions.

Students can take classes themed around environmental protection and energy conservation, including lessons in Swift framework-based application development; Xcode application building; the benefits of eco-friendly energy; and the principles of climate change. Building on these lessons, students will receive instruction on developing their own computer applications and products for environmental protection by using 3D printers and tablet PCs. Professors and university students majoring in computer science from 13 top universities in Korea will support the program as volunteer teachers.

Mr. Fahad A. Al-Sahali, Aramco Korea's Representative Director, said: “Learning how to code is one of the essential skills that the future might require from students, and while we equip them with such skills, we aim to highlight the importance of protecting our planet. Aramco Korea is proud to establish the partnership with MIDAM Scholarship Foundation to ensure that underprivileged students are not left behind in computer science education.”

Neung-in Jang, MIDAM's Standing Director said: “We believe that the coding school will nurture the students into technical leaders in the future, and will also highlight the importance of saving our planet.”

Since its establishment in 2012, Aramco Korea has been committed to supporting local communities by implementing a broad range of citizenship programs. In addition to its recent KRW 1 billion donation for COVID-19 relief aid for Korea, the company's citizenship activities also include installing solar power generation systems at welfare facilities, supporting health awareness and safety programs for children, and offering merit-based scholarships for university students with disabilities.

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