Aramco Asia Korea teams up with Ulsan to transform used plastic into eco-friendly seating

(From left): Khalid Radi, Acting Representative Director of Aramco Asia Korea; Doo-gyum Kim, Ulsan Mayor; and Jae-chul Moon, Chairman of UMCSW, pictured at the Plastic Recycling partnership agreement ceremony at Ulsan City Hall on October 12.

Aramco Asia Korea, a fully-owned subsidiary of Aramco, has entered into a partnership that aims to create eco-friendly recycled chairs and benches from used plastic.

The Plastic Recycling Program is a new initiative that Aramco Asia Korea supports to elevate Ulsan citizens’ awareness on the importance of plastic recycling, in partnership with Ulsan Metropolitan City and the Ulsan Metropolitan Council on Social Welfare (UMCSW).

The partnership was announced during a ceremony held at Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall on October 12, attended by Khalid Radi, Acting Representative Director of Aramco Asia Korea; Doo-gyum Kim, Ulsan Mayor; and Jae-chul Moon, Chairman of UMCSW.

Administered by UMCSW, a charitable organization in Ulsan, the program aims to make eco-friendly recycled chairs and benches by blending high-strength concrete and around 28 tons of used plastic. The three parties plan to collect used plastic through a five-month-long plastic recycling campaign, in which Ulsan citizens and 50-plus welfare organizations are expected to participate.

The chairs and benches are to be installed at 10 major spots in Ulsan, including at Taehwagang National Garden, to promote the benefits of recycling used plastic. 

Khalid Radi, Aramco Asia Korea Acting Representative Director, said: “Plastic products are an integral part of our daily lives. When it comes to plastic waste, we must focus on preventing it from getting into waterways and coastal waters. The key to controlling plastic waste is through responsible disposal, recovery, recycling and repurposing, as part of the circular economy. We are proud to support this meaningful Plastic Recycling Program that could be instrumental in elevating people’s awareness on the importance of plastic recycling in a smarter and more eco-friendly way.”

Doo-gyum Kim, Ulsan Mayor, stated: “Over the past two years Aramco has supported a meaningful project to enhance children’s safety. We now thank Aramco for helping us with this plastic recycling project. I believe that today’s citizenship partnership agreement with Aramco Asia Korea could serve as a good opportunity to elevate awareness on the importance of plastic recycling and help protect Taehwagang National Garden, Ulsan citizens’ precious healing space. Moreover, Aramco is also a valuable partner for the Shaheen Project with Ulsan city and S-OIL. We hope that we could continue this relationship and grow together.”

Jae-chul Moon, Chairman of UMCSW, added: “Installing eco-friendly benches at Taehwagang National Garden, a landmark place in Ulsan, by utilizing used plastic collected through campaign involving Ulsan citizens and welfare organizations will be a big help in protecting Ulsan’s environment and moving forward for a more sustainable future. The campaign will also elevate Ulsan citizens’ awareness of environmental protection and thus will be instrumental in helping make Ulsan more eco-friendly.”

Aramco, the majority shareholder of S-OIL and the second largest shareholder of HD Hyundai Oilbank, has been active in developing and advancing mutually beneficial businesses and technology partnerships with major Korean companies and research institutes.

Aramco is implementing 10 citizenship projects across Asia in 2023, including projects in India, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In Korea, the company has also been a committed supporter of local communities and has implemented a broad range of citizenship programs. These include COVID-19 relief aid, merit-based scholarships for university students with disabilities, support in the planting of young trees at a local school and the provision of face masks and hand sanitizers. 

In Ulsan, where S-OIL’s facilities are located, the company supported the “Aramco Coding School,” a charitable program that teaches computer programming to elementary and middle school students, and “Safer Routes to School,” a program to raise students’ awareness of road safety during their commute to school.

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